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Young Professional Memberships

Looking for a membership but can’t afford equity yet?

Young Professionals Memberships | Ages 18 – 35

We started the Young Professionals Membership with great success in 2016 & 2017 and we look to grow this program for 2018. We understand young professionals straight out of school do not have the ability to purchase an equity membership but you will one day! So we have introduced the Young Professionals Membership for ages 19-35, which is the first annual membership of Lynx Ridge. Young Professionals will receive unlimited golf with 5 day advance booking for a very affordable rate. 2018 rates and program are now available. Young Professional Memberships now has the option to include an equity component. 

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited range & practice facilities
  • Club storage and use of a locker
  • Discounts on food & beverage
  • Tournament & league access
  • Pro Shop Discounts
  • Discounted guest rates
  • 5 day advance booking
  • No minimum spend

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