The Course


Hole by Hole

With spectacular green sites and contours, the Lynx Ridge course demands more accuracy than distance.

Hole #1 – Par 4

378 360 350 320 295


Hole 1

This hole sets up for a great start to your game! Hitting from an elevated tee box, you face a gentle dogleg left. Avoid hitting too much club as the ball may run through the fairway and into one of the bunkers. Pay attention to the position of the flag; this tiered green makes your approach that much more important. Anything left or long of the green is big trouble.

Hole #2 – Par 4

356 356 342 326 270



The second hole tee shot requires accuracy. The landing area is narrow and framed in with bunkers.


Hole #3 – Par 4

420 402 370 336 302



Possibly the toughest hole at Lynx Ridge. Take nothing for granted; your tee shot needs to find fairway. You’ll be out of bounds right and must deal with a lateral hazard left. Aim at the pole in the middle of the fairway.

Your second shot is a forced carry and anything short and left is gone. Don’t be a hero with your approach shot — aim at the centre of the green. If you get out of this hole without too much damage you’ve done well!


Hole #4 – Par 5

530 504 504 468 440



Keep it in play off the tee and you have a chance at a good score on this hole. When approaching, take notice of three menacing bunkers surrounding the green.


Hole #5 – Par 3

155 150 135 110 90



This is our shortest Par 3 at Lynx Ridge. It is framed in nicely with four bunkers. Play to the safe side of the green. Anything left or long could mean a big score on this simple-looking hole.


Hole #6 – Par 5

550 540 530 500 445



A great Par 5, your tee shot should favour the right side of the fairway as your ball will roll to the left. Your second shot will deal with a pond on the left which is 150 yards from the green, and a pond on the right with is 100 yards from the green.

From the fairway add 1/2 club to accomodate the elevated green.


Hole #7 – Par 4

475 430 402 360 335



This is a straight-away Par 4. There’s a water hazard below the hill on the left side. From the fairway, play 1/2 more club to accommodate the elevated green.


Hole #8 – Par 3

212 192 158 125 110



Our signature hole. What you see is what you get! Water is in play right up to the front of the green. Play 1/2 club less because of the elevation.


Hole #9 – Par 4

404 395 380 358 328



Pay attention to the yardage off the tee on this hole. The water comes into play 135 yards from the green. Your best bet is to aim at the largest tree on the left side. There is much more room to the left than there appears to be. A long two-tiered green may need an extra club to get to a back pin.


Hole #10 – Par 4

330 310 310 290 270



This is our shortest Par 4. Try and take advantage of this one. You don’t need to hit a driver here. Avoid the bunker off the tee and you will leave yourself a short approach to a shallow but wide green.

Hole #11 – Par 5

606 588 553 522 498



Our longest Par 5 starts with a high risk and reward tee shot. A tee shot over 250 yards will bring the bunker on the left and H2O directly behind it into play. A smart strategy is to play short of the bunker off the tee and aim the second shot at the pole in the middle of the fairway (150 yards).

This hole is not designed for birdies but has been known to ruin many a scorecard…

Hole #12 – Par 3

202 192 168 145 124



Club selection is everything here in order to hit this shallow but wide green. Be aware of the water short and right.

Hole #13 – Par 4

375 375 355 328 307



A sharp dog leg right. Pay attention to the yardage. Your smart flight line is at the pole. If you want to chew some yardage off, play your shot over the bunker on the right.

Be aware, the fairway does run out of room quickly on this line!

Hole #14 – Par 3

240 220 172 145 95



The longest Par 3 at Lynx Ridge. Watch out for the deep bunker in front of the green and the out-of-bounds territory left. A par is a great score.

Hole #15 – Par 4

394 375 275 348 324



This gentle dog leg left has a risky flight line. Play your tee shot over the bunker on the left for the best positioning. The smart tee shot is at the barber pole.

Hole #16 – Par 5

510 492 478 450 424



Here’s your chance to get home in two shots. If you can avoid the bunkers off the tee you may have a chance to try and go for it. The H2O in front of the green begins 100 yards from the green.

Good luck! Any score from 3 to 8 is possible here.

Hole #17 – Par 3

204 180 151 144 122



Another great Par 3! Pay attention to the pin position. This is a long green, so check the yardage carefully.

Hole #18 – Par 4

485 444 427 390 361



This is a tough finishing hole. Out of bounds, bunkers and water hazards. This hole has it all.

Good luck!