Why and When a Wider Golf Stance Is Better

Golf is no longer just a game for the rich corporates. It has become so much more. It is taken up by enthusiasts from all over the world. It’s closer to nature and an excellent way to stay fit. However one has to play the game by the rules. The feel of the shot slicing away smoothly is perhaps a golfer’s paradise. Calgary has many such golf courses where you would see people enjoying their day with nature. The basics and technical aspects of the game will lure you in once you start playing. You will surely feel the need to outperform yourself and the people you play with. Getting to the very basics, what do you think of your stance? Do you think you have it spot on? Or perhaps it’s too wide, narrow or just twisted. How do you rate it and how many times have you pondered that maybe your stance is holding you back on some counts? Here is a rite up that will discuss the ‘normal’ stance and why sometimes it a good idea to go wide!

One may have wondered about the clubs and swings but have you ever thought about your stance. As the saying goes, one size never fits all. This is true. Professionals will tell you that heels should be placed as per the shoulders i.e. directly under the shoulders. This is what’s called a ‘normal’ stance. Both wide and narrow stance has their advantages and disadvantages. It should be noted that not every shot can be pulled off with a single stance. Red on to know how wider stance will play to your advantage.

Now a stance helps you to have a better balance and support for your body. If you are on a wobbly boat, you automatically widen the stand. This is reflex for the wider stand shifts your center of gravity to a lower point. With context of golf, a lower center of gravity will ensure that you have a shorter swing and have a better control on the hit. In a windy weather on the golf course, one subconsciously goes into the wider stance as that gives you a better support. This works great for your balance. For the people who are left footed, wider stance provides extra support and helps balance.

One advantage of the wider stance is that it encourages the hips to stay level throughout the swing. Majority of golfers face the problem of the swing hips when they take a swing. This puts a damper on the shot. Hip swing causes a lot of problems with miss-hit balls. If you go for a wide stance, you need to be careful. First thing is wide doesn’t need to be wide-wide. It is just slightly wider than the shoulders. Also, to get the correct angle of attack to the ball, set the right knee slightly inward and keep it there at the top of your swing. This way you will be able to take full advantage of the hit. All this because of a slightly wider stance than the normal one.


Golf is a game of give and take. You have distance and direction to focus on. While wider stance gives you a better direction, it takes away distance. This is again because of the hip action. The ability to rotate the hips lead to a coiling action that helps you gets the greater distance.  . Being able to rotate the hips farther and faster will build up that centrifugal force needed for club head speed, and greater distance. The restriction in body movements of the wider stance will help stabilize the swing, but this stabilization comes for a price. You lose out in terms of distance covered, the direction will be spot-on.

So what’s the answer? Does one go for wider stance or not? I think it depends on the clubs that you are using, but also has to do with issues that you naturally have in your golf swing. Since the driver and your fairway woods are longer clubs they are more difficult to control. Wider stance is a gift for the people with balance issues. They can overcome this crippling issue by just widening the stance. With the shorter clubs, and this is especially true for a pitching wedge or the chip shot, where the swing length is much shorter so normally loss of balance is never an issue. And if you do have problems with sway in your swing I would definitely consider the wider stance. Also the people who inadvertently move their hips, the wider stance will lend some stability in the game.

Overall it must be understood that wider stance works for some and doesn’t work for some. You need to try it to know if it fits into your natural style.


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