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Seven of the Craziest Wedding Ceremonies in the World

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Planning and organizing your wedding day is a huge task. From the wedding venue, to the invitations, the entertainment and of course the dress, there is so much to think about. While some people prefer a traditional wedding with the long white dress and the smart suits, these couples went the extra mile to create wacky themed weddings which certainly differ from the norm. This article takes a look at seven of the craziest wedding ceremonies in the world.

T.J. Maxx Wedding


While this superstore is an unusual spot to have your wedding ceremony, the story that goes behind this choice of venue is certainly heartwarming. Lisa Satayut’s dream ever since she was a little girl was to get married in the size 8 shoes isle of the store. Well her dream came true when she was married underneath a floral arch in the Michigan store while it was still open for business.

Zero Gravity Wedding

Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmor made the record books when they become the first ever couple to have a zero gravity wedding. The bride and groom flew their closest friends and family high above the earth to experience weightlessness. The flight was operated by Zero-G who offer weightless flight experiences to members of the public.

Underwater Wedding

Another one for the record books is this underwater wedding in Italy, when 261 divers attended the wedding on the floor of the ocean. The beautiful ceremony took place just off of Elba Island.

Rappel Wedding

This adventurous couple from China work as exterior window cleaners on high buildings, so they decided that they would like to incorporate part of their jobs into their wedding nuptials. They both rappelled down the side of the building, and they even stopped to enjoy a kiss, while hundreds of wellwishers watched on from the streets below.

Glacier Wedding

The frozen glaciers of Alaska provided a beautiful backdrop for this couple’s ceremony. While it may look freezing, the temperatures on the glacier are only approximately 10 degrees cooler than land.

Hot Air Balloon

While many people choose to propose to their partners in a hot air balloon, not so many people actually choose to get married in them. In Sonoma Valley, hot air balloon owner Mike Kijak married a couple mid flight while also controlling the air balloon!

Rainy Wedding

Many couples would be upset if it rained on their wedding day, well for this couple in Manila it didn’t just rain – it poured and flooded the entire church. However, this was seen as a blessing and good luck for the marriage. A cute picture of the couple kissing in knee deep water made the wedding an instant Internet hit.

There you have it, seven wacky weddings in weird and wonderful places. Of course there are a host of couples who choose to set a theme for their wedding and dress up in fancy dress for it too. Whether you want to traditional wedding, or an unusual one-of-a-kind ceremony, there are venues out there to cater for all tastes and budgets. Good luck.

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