Safety Principles on the Golf Course.

A golf club slipping of the guys hand as he makes the swing and dropping on his head, it is funny only cartoons for well, in real life that has to hurt and hurt bad! Jokes aside, safety principles are very important for every golfer. Whatever part of the country you are in, the safety gears are always very important. What kind of protection are we talking about? Well, there are six events that have probability of occurrence when on the golf court. They are serious to the level of being fatal. It is important to understand them thoroughly and if you are a golf enthusiast, spend a long time on the court it is advisable that you take notes of these things. Be it with family, friends, and work-buddies or alone, keep a check on these things to get a getter experience of golfing.

Fury of the Sun:

Open golf course is an open ground for the sun to rage havoc on the people. Playing out on the sun will make you a target for harmful ultraviolet rays that damage the human skin and cause cancer. Sun burns can occur as well in less than half hour exposure to the sun. The level of trouble caused by the sun is inversly proportion to what sun protection you use, hats, creams, sun blocks, strength of the sun and the wind etc. If you have five or more sunburns in a lifetime, the chances of getting cancer are seriously high. The love of game is passion but getting cancer in return is a pretty lame deal. Make it a habit to apply high SPF sunscreen, above pf20 to be protected. Before you step on the golf course, apply it on your face, lips, hands, calf, elbows, wrist etc. Keep an alert eye for the moles and get every suspicious thing checked.

Tick protection and Lyme disease

Lyme disease is a tick-carried illness which caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a corkscrew-shaped bacterium called a spirochete. The disease has been found in most states and many foreign countries. In the United States it is now the most frequently reported disease carried by ticks. Lyme disease is caused by ticks that bite deer affected by Borrelia burgdorferi .These disease is fast spreading and is surely something you want to stay away from. Be protected from this by using appropriate tick repellent. The two options are creams or sprays. Spray is preferred as it can be put over pants etc. after you are in the wooded area. It is better that the infested tick is removed quickly the longer it bites you, stronger are the chances that you will need antibiotics. Few steps to note for golfers are

  • Avoid tick infested areas especially in May, June, July.
  • Use light colored clothing as that makes it easier to spot the ticks
  • Tuck pants in the socks and shirt in the pants.
  • Tale the pant-meeting-sock like so that the tick doesn’t enter the clothing
  • Avoid wooded areas, follow the trail, wear hats and long sleeved shirts for protection.
  • Keep away from tall grasses.
  • Ticks are very difficult to spot so keep open eye. Scalps, back, genitals are all the spots that you may miss to inspect. Check your pets and in case there is tick, remove it with tweezers. Make sure you remove the whole tick without crushing it. Make sure to destroy the tick by burying it, flushing it or crushing it.
  • Wash hands after you handle tick.


Snake bite protection.

With heavy grass areas, snake bites are not unusual. But people are not as careful with snakes as one might expect them to be. It is foolish to take it as a joke for it may prove fatal. The safety protocol here is to keep the local medic contact in hand. Make sure that your phone is always charged and you are always in twosome or threesome.

Avoid extremely overgrow plants, thick grasses etc. when you look for lost balls. When you look for the lost ball, make sure you are not thrashing around for that is like poking the dragon in the eye, you may agitate a snake.

Heart Attacks/ strokes.

Having a heart attack on the golf course is not common, but the golfers should be conscious about this. Keeping medical aid at hand is one point that will remedy the situation. , make sure that the golf course has medics on hand and are prompt in these issues. Drink lots of water, be well hydrated, eat well, make sure you have all the prescription medicies taken and are well enough for the game. In case you feel low, do not play the game.

Bee stings, Allergic reactions.

In the haste to the ball back from the bushes, don’t forget to look around for you may disturb a bee hive or wasp or hornets’ nest which will be a bad way to end your game. Be careful of them for the bites may lead to allergic reactions as well and that is not what you want. One bane is poison ivy. Being careful about them and getting best medical attention are two basic ways to deal with these issues.

Heat or sun stroke.

With golf you will be out in the sun for a long time. This means the chances of getting the heat stroke or sun stroke is very high. With shooting temperature and unavoidable circumstances, it is possible that you may become a victim. Here are many symptoms to developing heat stroke which include: headache, dizziness, nausea, dry skin, weakness or fainting, vomiting, hallucinations, confusion, disorientation, rapid pulse and a high body temperature. In case you experience this keep the medic handy. Be hydrated, do not overstrain yourself.

Games are fun if you follow certain safety and health precautions.

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