Day League


We invite any lady member who has paid the current Ladies’ League fee of $50 to sign up for Tuesday Day Ladies’ games. Occasionally, Tuesday times are not available due to tournament bookings. Another day will be substituted that week but the change will be indicated ahead of time.

Each week we play a different fun competition (18 holes) with prizes awarded to the winners. If you play in both the morning and evening ladies games in the same week you can only win prizes in one game.

Sign-up sheets are posted in the members’ locker room two weeks in advance. Ladies are invited to sign up if they wish to play on that day, indicating if a power cart is required by adding a ‘C’ beside their names. The draw for the following week will be posted a week in advance. If you have any other special requests, please indicate your particular “need” as we will do our best to accommodate you.

Anyone unable to play after signing up and being included in the draw must notify the Pro Shop as early as possible prior to their tee time at (403) 547-5969 ext #1.

As well as participating in the competition draws each week, members are encouraged to join in making ‘Putt Pot’ contributions of 25 cents for each 3 or more putts made during the round. So, if the golf gods work against you, and you happen to four-putt a certain hole, 25 cents would be the amount owing for that hole. There is a break to those who have a bad day on the green: a maximum of $1.00 is all that is owed at the end of your game! The money collected will go toward buying refreshments at the end of the season.

Contacts are:

Beth Kuhn Day Ladies(May/June) 403 547-7986
Tannis Bentley Day Ladies(July) 403 547-2629403-710-6810
Ann Andison Day Ladies(August/September) 403 239-9658





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