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CHAMPS is a Calgary Ladies Golf Association event which recognizes the social aspect of the game and stresses hospitality, not competition. This is a social fun day that includes a lunch and we encourage you to participate.

CHAMPS is an interclub team match play event which is a round-robin schedule of games between 24 participating clubs.

The cost per round for each participant is $20.00 (automatically charged to your account when you play) which covers lunch after the completion of the round. Golf fees are waived and golf carts are at the expense of the player.

Lynx Ridge will have six home games and six away games for 2015.

  • Each club sends four players: two members are “A” players with handicap factors of 0-22.1 and two are “B” players with handicap factors of 22.2-35.2.
  • All games are played from the red tees.
  • Please keep pace.
  • Rules of Match Play are in effect in accordance with the RCGA.
  • Always read the score card for local rules.


The total points are 72 – 36 for each of A and B teams’ matches. The format is four ball match play which means two players from one team play their better ball against the better ball of two players from the other team. Each player plays her own ball. On your score cards keep track of who wins each hole as you play. Once the match is completed the scores will be awarded as follows:

  • 2 points for winning the hole
  • 1 point for a tie

Here’s the link to the “rules and regulations”:


Champs 2015 Schedule
Date Tee Time Home(Lynx Ridge) V`s Away V`s
11-May 9:00 Elks
25-May 9:02/9:10 Elbow Springs
01-June 9:12 Elbow Springs
08-June 9:02/9:10 Elks
15-June 8:15/ 8:23 Earl Grey
06-July 9:02/9:10 Glencoe
13-July 9:00 Country Hills
20-July 9:02/9:10 Hamptons
27-July 8:00am SG Cottonwood
10-August 8:30/ 8:38 Highwood
17-August 9:06/9:15 Carnmoney
24-August 8:30/8:38 Inglewood

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