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Business League



BLIC promotes the enjoyment and development of golf. It encourages networking with other ladies through match play competitions. Lynx Ridge Business Ladies are involved with 8 other great courses.

All of the clubs in each division annually host four interclub matches and attend four interclub matches at other courses.

Every BLIC date is made up of two matches; one for ‘A’ players and one for ‘B’ players. ‘A’ players have handicap indexes between 0 and 22.0 and ‘B’ players have handicap indexes between 22.1 and 35.2. A maximum index of 35.2 is to be used for all matches.

If a club is unable to provide ‘A’ and ‘B’ players according to the above criteria, the two players with the lowest handicaps will play as ‘A’ players and the two players with the higher handicaps will play as ‘B’ players.

The tees to be played will be the regular ladies tees that each club will determine. These are the same tees to be played for all interclub matches. **

Rules of Match Play are in effect in accordance with the RCGA.

Always read the score card for local rules. Please keep pace.


BLIC will be implementing gimme putts in an effort to try and speed up pace of play.  The gimme length will be 22”.  Please have one player from the host club in both the A and B match groups have their putters marked by the proshop prior to the start of the match.  **

The visiting team is expected to arrive at the hosting club at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled tee time to allow for the conversion of indexes to handicaps and the determination of which holes will have strokes applied to them.




A total of 36 points will be awarded, 18 points in the ‘A’ match and 18 points in the ‘B’ match.

Each individual match is scored as follows:

  • Rules of Match Play golf are in effect
  • Each hole is one (1) point
  • The best net of the Host club players and the best net of the visiting club players is used to determine who gets the hole (i.e. the net score of only one player from each Club is used)
  • The winner of the hole gets the full point (1)
  • If the hole is tied (halved) each club gets one half point (0.5)

After the game invite your guests to the lounge and offer them a drink and a shared appetizer – All food and beverages are “dutch treat” however the trend is for the host club to treat!  Please help our guests feel welcome!


Rescheduling Matches (weather conditions, course closures etc)

In any event that a match needs to be rescheduled, the Interclub Representatives or Captains of the two clubs involved in the match should be in contact with each other before or on the original scheduled date.

They can mutually agree to:

  • Play in the inclement weather if the golf course is open
  • Reschedule the match on any day that works for both clubs
  • Agree to split the points for the match

If 9 or more holes are played and it is agreed to stop playing due to weather, the remaining points are split evenly between the two clubs.

Both interclub reps must inform the Interclub organizer of the new date of the match or a point split for scoring purposes.


The table below shows AWAY games in green and HOME games in grey. If you are playing Business Ladies Interclub the following applies to you:

  • If unable to play on assigned date, you will be responsible to find a substitute and report the change to the Coordinator.
  • A Captain will be designated for each match. She will report the match scores to Kim Young by email within 24 hours of completion of the match and deposit the score cards in the envelope marked BLIC Scorecards which can be found on the bulletin board in the Lynx Ridge locker room foyer.

We welcome all levels of players and encourage participation in this league.


If you are interested in playing in the Business Ladies Interclub or have any questions about the league, please contact Kim Young by phone at 403 547-6681 or by email at

Date Host Game Away Game Tee Time
Saturday, June 13 Lynx Ridge Pinebrook 11:26 & 11:34
Saturday June 20 Lynx Ridge Priddis Greens 11:26 & 11:34
Saturday, July 11 Lynx Ridge Earl Grey 11:26 & 11:34
Saturday, August 8 Lynx Ridge Bearspaw 11:26 & 11:34
Saturday, May 16 Canyon Meadows Lynx Ridge 11:00 & 11:08
Saturday, May 23 CG & CC Lynx Ridge 11:13 & 11:21
Saturday, May 30 Glencoe Lynx Ridge 12:00 & 12:09
Saturday, Aug 15 Willow Park Lynx Ridge 12:30 & 12:39