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Classes & Tournaments

Spring Junior Swing Classes

For the 2014 season we have revamped the junior spring swing classes to make them available to a wider range of juniors and families. As opposed to 2 classes spread out over 4 weeks like last year’s program, for 2013 each weekend has been separated into its own individual junior class, giving us a total of 5 class options throughout the spring. While it isn’t mandatory to participate every weekend, we encourage everyone to sign up for more than 1 weekend! Why? We are trying to instill in the juniors that the golf club is a place to come and have fun, the more time that they spend at the course doing so, the more this mantra will be re-enforced.

Aside from increasing the number of classes, we have also made alterations to the age categories to which classes will be offered this season, with the newest addition being the 4-6 year old age category. We can now offer lessons to boys and girls who are brand new to the game, starting them off on the right foot for a lifetime of enjoyment from the game of golf. The second age category has been revamped to a 7-12 year old age category, where students will receive a slight bit greater information and focus on golfing technique than the youngest class.

The most drastic change to the junior program however has been with the introduction of SNAG golf products to enable our young students to A) have more fun B) more easily observe results and improvements in performance C) learn technical skills while accomplishing A&B. What is SNAG? It stands for “Starting New At Golf”, and is a user friendly system that is easy to learn and can be played anywhere. It combines elements of mini golf and real golf to provide the best learning environment possible for junior golfers. To learn more about SNAG, visit www.Snagcanada.com.

Dates for Spring Swing classes are:

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Summer Junior Swing Classes

Just like our Spring Swing Classes, we will be offering 1 day lessons during a few select dates throughout the summer to allow our junior golfers continued development all season.

Dates for Summer Swing Classes are:

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Junior Club Championships

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Foothills Junior Interclub

Once again Lynx Ridge will be competing in the Foothills Junior Interclub events, running from June until August.
Dates to be announced.

12 Mile Cup

After a long hiatus, Lynx Ridge GC and Bearspaw CC will once again be competing in the 12 Mile Cup: a Ryder Cup formatted tournament for all the bragging rights of 12 Mile Coulee Road! The competition will span across 4 rounds, 2 at each facility.
Bearspaw dates: June 8, 3:30 – 4 PM;  July 13, 3:30 – 4 PM
Lynx Ridge dates: July 5, 3 – 3:30 PM;  July 21, 3 – 3:30 PM
Selection for this team will vary depending on number of registrants

Junior Fedex Cup

New for 2013, the Junior Fedex Cup will be contested based upon season long performance during Club Championships and three 9-hole play dates:  July 14, 30 & Aug 10 followed by a final round 18-hole playoff for all the marbles and the swanky new trophy August 30. The more events you play in, the better your chances are of hoisting the cup!!

Junior Short Game Clinic

June 23, 12 – 2 PM. This clinic will be a more in-depth examination of the short game, taking the basic concepts we have learned and applying them to various scoring situations the juniors may encounter while in tournament/competitive play. All juniors are encouraged to participate!

Junior Mentorship Day

June 29, 1 – 4:30 PM. The Junior Mentorship day offers our juniors a chance to interact with members of the Lynx Ridge Mens Club, who serve as a major sponsor of the junior program. The day will consist of 9 holes of play with a mens club member in scramble format, followed by a BBQ and prizes after the tourney! Once again we encourage all of our juniors to participate in this event!

We hope that all of our juniors have a great summer, hit them straight but most of all…..HAVE FUN!!

Greg Johnson, CPGA Assistant Professional