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Rules & Etiquette

These rules and etiquette guidelines help to ensure fair and balanced play. RCGA rules govern play except where modified by local rules.

Rules of Play

  • RED STAKES define lateral water hazards.
  • YELLOW STAKES define water hazards.
  • WHITE STAKES define out of bounds.
  • Relief may be taken without penalty from staked or tagged trees, buildings, control boxes, yardage markers, paths, benches, sprinkler heads and ground under repair.
  • Course Marshals have full discretion in enforcing course rules and speed of play.
  • OUT OF BOUNDS – fence lines and white stakes. Do not trespass on private property.
  • Golfers are fully responsible for any damages caused on private property.
  • Remember the THREE “R’s”: REPLACE your divots, RAKE bunkers and REPAIR all ball marks.
  • Proper golf attire must be worn at all times. No denim blue jeans, cut-off shorts, swim shorts or t-shirts. NO METAL SPIKES.
  • All yardages are measured to the centre of the green. Sandstone rocks – 150 yards. Fairway discs: BLACK = 250; BLUE = 200; WHITE = 150; RED = 100 yards.
  • The striped black and white pole on the fairway indicates 150 yards to the centre of the green. On par 5 holes there is also a striped pole at 250 yards.
  • Hole positions are indicated by a small marker flag on the pin: RED = front; WHITE = middle; BLUE = back.
  • Golf carts must STOP at all road crossings: exercise caution!
  • Power carts must stay on paths.
  • No outside liquor allowed. ALCB regulations apply.
  • The driving range left of Hole #1 is out of bounds. The gorge on the left side of Hole #3 is a lateral water hazard.
  • The roadways, parking lots and maintenance compound are out of bounds.
  • To help with pace of play, “Drop Areas” have been provided on Holes #3, 8 14 and 17.

Dress Code

  • Dress must be in keeping with golf course tradition.
  • Men – Slacks, tailored shorts, shirts with sleeves and collars. No denim blue jeans. No board or athletic shorts. No sweatpants.
  • Women – Sport shirts, tailored shorts with a 5 inch inseam, skirts, slacks, skorts. Collarless shirts must have sleeves; sleeveless shirts must have a collar. No denim blue jeans.

Pace of Play

  • Each foursome will be expected to keep pace with the group in front of them. Course Marshals will monitor the pace of play.