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Tired of hitting bad golf shots? Looking for top notch golf teachers in Calgary NW? Look no further than Lynx Ridge!

We will be giving away a FREE lesson every couple weeks throughout the golf season! Make sure to like, share, and tag your friends for your chance to win.

Tyler and Matt have developed several lesson programs for Men, Ladies, and Juniors for all skill levels. The most important thing about golf is having fun while playing, which our pros will help you do. Want more information on our various golf programs?

Not only are proper golf lessons crucial to playing better golf, playing the right equipment is also vital. Luckily for you, we have several different fit days scheduled this season. Come out and get professionally fitted into the correct clubs for you! Want more information on fitting days?

Meet our Pros…

PGA Of Canada Head Professional/Teaching Professional
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About Me:

I have been a golf professional for the last 11 years and have a passion for teaching people of all ages and abilities. What I enjoy most about teaching golf is helping my students gain skills, building their confidence and developing a love for the game of golf. I compete in tournaments within the PGA of Alberta and the PGA of Canada, and am currently ranked 31st in Canada. I am looking forward to working with the members and public players at Lynx Ridge, helping them achieve their golfing goals with my flexible teaching approach and extensive experience.

PGA Of Canada Professional/Golf Operations Manager
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About Me:

I am looking forward to coming back to Lynx Ridge for my second year as a golf professional after spending last year at The Links of Glen Eagles in Cochrane. I was first a member at Lynx Ridge in 2007 and worked at Lynx Ridge in the back shop and pro shop until 2014. I originally went to school to become a pilot after high school but while completing my commercial pilot’s license I realized the golf industry was something I could not leave behind. I spent a winter down south playing professional golf on various smaller tours and working with top 100 coaches. This not only helped my playing career but taught me a lot about how to teach the game of golf. I am now fully invested in the business side of the golf industry and am passionate about teaching juniors who have aspirations to play high level junior golf and beyond.

Our State of the Art Teaching Shelter equipped with heat, putting green, and flightscope.
Lynx Ridge Teaching Shelter

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