Why Golf is Good for Business

How many of us have seen high profile businessmen sauntering in on silver screen in the golf attire, striking few sweeps and then making a high profile multi-million dollar deal? Well, it is a pretty common premise to show that there is a ‘business’ going on? Why the background of a golf course is seen as perfect stting for business? Isn’t the conference rooms, meeting places good enough these days? Well, the idea of open ground, fresh air is not the ‘it’ thing here, for a garden can give you that. Golf course is chosen for a specific purpose. Read along to know why golf is one of the most preferred places for business deals.

As the joke goes, ‘out of the office on a course’. It is actually true. Many a deals have been struck over a friendly game or two. The game is a clever way of judging the opponent as a person. The way a person behaves in a game shows what would it be like to deal with them in business scenarios. You want someone to have your back or compete with you on a friendly basis, judge them over a game. These insights will help you in the dealings. When you play team or doubles, it is a wonderful way to create that bond with your colleagues or clients. The undercurrents that are not discussed are cleansed out without issues. Its like playing catch as kids. You end up talking; catching up and more often than not, find yourself having a great time.  You will end up meeting more clients, find better networking options ofcourse enjoy the game.

Now not all golfers are businessmen, but many business executives participate in the game. The decision makers usually play this game. Its refreshing game, takes your mind off the four corners of the office, triggers new thoughts and creates a favorable place to make business deals.  Few most important steps of the business are advertisements, making new contacts and strengthening old ones.  With golf games, which are either informal or organized, give the executives the opportunity to enjoy a shared interest. When you share a common interest, it becomes much easier to find common grounds. En-route this game, the players develop a common ground, ideas gets discussed with openness and vigor and finally a deal is stuck. When such games are played between clients or colleagues the sportsmen spirit develops. It’s like a terrific ice-breaker.


How does business develop? With the spreading of the word. How does one do that? Say you are businessmen from Calgary, to connect to people in and around Calgary, you will give out your business card. Golf gives you a chance to do the same but with a difference. A personalized golfer gear with your name on it will make a stronger impact with a greater retinantion value. It’s cost effective and a lot more valuable. Even if it’s given out by the company or is just for the client with interest in golf, this way your company logo will surely get maximum exposure.

Two most powerful business networking tools in golf are personalized golf balls or tees. Exchanges subtly during a game, they will be retained by the recipient. This way the contact details remain with them for a long time; it becomes easy to remember and is beneficial for you. And in case they are lost, the finder of such items will be the keeper of the item, due to its informative nature and use. There may be a ‘serendipity’ just waiting to happen.

If printing golf balls or tees are too informal for you, how about golf accessories that can be used outside the course. Golf umbrellas are very popular items as they are used on a daily basis. They are retained beyond the golf course and are great publicity tools. For some high profile clients who are equally enthusiastic about the game, gifting a golf bag or golf clubs will get you on the list of their favorite clients. And this way your business will always in the client’s eyes, no matter what.

Aside from all these, golfing is a great way to advertise. Sponsorship deals could include printed polo shirts for the teams, banners proclaiming your company logos and advertisements around the course. If you have television exposure for such events, you will reach out to more people with the advertisements. This will give you a global audience. The game is played across countries and is a great way to connect with people from dfferent places. Some business deals are critical and needs both the parties to be accommodating. Golf puts them in a different scenario out of the office conference rooms and presents a much more pleasant atmosphere for striking the deal.

If you have a difficult client, get them on the golf course. It may just solve all the problems.


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