Golf Fitness Fundamentals

Focus on the fitness to put a spring into your game.

Golf is the way to go when you wish to engage in some outdoor sports that closer to nature and can relax you and engage you at once. One takes a swig in golf to strike the ball in order to achieve maximum distance with a high level of efficiency and accuracy. The game has a very specific physics attached to the motion of the swing and the impact created. This is a kinesthetic sequence which leads to a perfect sync creating an efficient and effective swing.

Kinetic chain is use by all great plyers to maximize their gameplay. With this they have an identical sequence of generating speed and transferring energy. It’s like well-oiled machine that works when their need is giving a boost to the further chunk of the chain. From the feet to the lower body, torso, and arm. Each segment of the body builds upon the previous segment. The six phases of the golf swing are set up accordingly. Backswing, transition, downswing, impact and follow through. All this is the basis of getting the gem right, the swing right and the stance right. When the body is in its functioning best, the body parts work together to give that energy required.

Let us picture the start of the game. The stance taken to get the first shot in. Here the position, called the set-up position, is taken up. It is the athletic address of the ball. If the base is strong the swing will come smoothly. It will be consistent only if the balance is consistent and the grip is right. If the stance is not right or the grip is improper, the whole system will face trouble. You will have to re-route the club, face poor sequencing, and have swing faults, poor mobility and have stability issues. All this are a basis for very bad set-up. When the initial foundation is bad, the game can hardly be expected to be any good.


Back swings can be understood and appreciated by people who have basic understanding of Physic. When one takes a back swing, it is the signal for the body to start storing up energy that will be transitioned to the top. At this position, some points and joints of the body will be rotated, some won’t be routed and this is essential to build up the torque. This stored up energy will release after the impact is made thus giving a cracking shot. Transition is when you begin the forward movement your weight shifts from the inside right foot to the inside of the left foot. The lower body moves first and the torso uncoils. This requires a high level of flexibility, balance and strength. As one can see from the description, the mobility and stability and the coordinated function of the body is what is essential for a perfectly implemented backswing. Most people face problems here.

Similarly when we talk of the down swing, the engaged body parts are gluts, legs and core. The torque is created here and real is experienced on hitting the ball with the pent up energy. The downswing is complete when impact occurs with the golf ball. Physical strength, power or flexibility is the important aspects of this swing and those who struggle with them will face issues while implementing this particular swing. The will basically struggle to get the speed to transfer the stored energy during the implementation phase.

In both upswing and downswing, the impact is the min transfer zone where energy is shifted from the club to the ball. The purpose of impact is to hit the ball in the correct direction. During impact 80-90% of the left foot is supported by the golfer’s weight. The release of hands with correct timing will transfer the power to the club head. Shifting of weight is highly important here. If you shift the weight correctly, the sequence is completed and you have done your part… Physical limitations such as poor mechanics and improper equipment effect impact. Faulty equipment or even wrong ones at that will make the whole process futile as you won’t witness the result you expected to see in the first place. Lack of power will show up at impact to the ball flight and distance direction. If you have low power control, then the direction as well as distance will suffer, even if the swing was right.

Follow through is essential to the deceleration of the body after contact with the ball. This is completed through the body rotating when the club head is behind the golfer. This requires high levels of flexibility, balance, and strength within the kinetic chain. Keeping the body in good shape, relaxing and knowing the sequence will increase your chances of getting the swing spot-on.


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