How to Evaluate Wedding Venues to Find the Perfect Space for Your Big Day

It’s your wedding and after finding the perfect guy/gal (Congratulations!)  It’s time to think of some big decisions that will decide how the big day will actually turn out to be. The flowers the cake the caterer is all important but let’s get to the basics first. Location. The venue of the wedding will have a great impact on the tone of your celebration.  You have a long time to plan the venue and once you hit on the right choice everything else will simply fall into place.

If you are looking for casual time with people letting their hair down and having a blast, something like the Plaza will be oh so wrong. Similarly a formal wedding with elegant dresses, tuxes won’t go well if you wish for a beach wedding. The tone, expectations are all given an overtone by the venue alone and this venue is thus very integral part of your big day. Choosing wisely will lead to resonance, having everything fall into place. Choose wrongly and the plans could go for a toss. There will be glitches as the tone won’t match. Guests would have a lousy time as would you.

Unlike the olden times, today there are several options that will help you choose the locating. These choices can confuse you as well for you may be stymied by the vast number of choices! Here is a list of all things you need to consider while making the decision.

What time of the year is it?

You want to get married in December, you are in Calgary. Think it through, is outdoor even an option? If you want a Frozen themed wedding, go ahead! Following the same logic, it is wrong to have a beach wedding in December or an outdoor wedding in Florida in June. The weather, climate temperature and humidity can make or break the mood and one can be prepared enough for this deal. It is thus important to first get to the date and the accordingly set the venue. Or if you have your heart set on the lovely garden, wait for the spring and allow the flowers to bloom.

If you wish for the smooth blue sea, wait for the summer to set the tone.  People do love destination weddings say atop a cliff but ensure that you go there at the right time of the year. If the lake is your spot, research when the greenery is at its peak and book the place. Such popular locations don’t last long. Make reservations as soon as you decide.

What havoc will weather deal?

For the traditionalist and realist who wish to make the indoors their venue, the weather won’t be such a big problem. The issue is for the people who want it outside. With the popularity of outdoor wedding increasing, please take note that there has to be some solid backup to help you. If it’s a beach wedding, find a contingent hall nearby for a ‘just-in-case’. If you wish for a farm or a garden, ensure that there is a barn for you to rush into, incase there is a thunderstorm or the weather takes an off turn. It would be a very bad situation if you and your guests run hither-tither to take shelter against rain. Plan well to be safe from such fiascos.


Be particular about what exactly you get.

Fr some wedding venues, all you get is an open space. A space that I you’re to decorate and set up as you wish. For some other places, you get a better deal for there you get a well set decor, use of tables and chairs that match the hosting area. Some of the country clubs allow you the usage of chairs and tables for no extra charge. As they themselves have decorated the hall, you can be sure that they have painstakingly picked out the furniture to match the decor of the hall. The tone of the room is set and is at your disposal. When one goes for gardens, it is much simpler for the decorations are minimal. Natural look with flowers make the venue gorgeous enough.

These small extras will help you save up and whatever money you save will contribute in your ceremony. With windfall of expenses, every tiny amount saved is a lifesaver and thus one must look for ways to cut down expenses without hampering the joy.

With such a long list of possible locations, it is but natural for one to take time, research and reach a proper conclusion about the location, space and the added perks. This way you can focus on what you want, ignore the extra flair and find the right pace to enjoy your day. You guests would have lovely time as would you, making it a truly magical day for all involved. All it needs is proper planning.

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