Dressing Right For The Golf Course

Being passionate about golf is not the only thing you need to have when you show up on a club course for a game of golf. Some rules have to be maintained as part of the golfing etiquette. For instance, showing up at the exact tee time and not littering the golf course is part of good golfing etiquette. Another important part of golf decorum is dressing right for the golf course. Many rules apply to the specific dress codes for both men and women so in this article, you will what works for golfing in terms of golf wear. You will also find what not to wear to use as a guideline when shopping for golfing apparel.


Top attire

Most golf clubs (private or public) have a strict adherence with emphasis on collared shirts for men. Some of these places might also allow for turtle necks, especially during the colder months. The material for these shirts is preferred to be cotton, linen, or microfiber. Women should be wearing tops structured in modesty. They can be collared or otherwise, however, any type of bling or indecent motifs is a strict no-no when you are on the golf course. Tank tops or casual t-shirts are discouraged for both men and women.

Pants and bottoms

The pants for men should be along the lines of long slacks, or even dress shorts. Jeans are rarely allowed on golf courses. Also, revealing workout gear and sports shorts are strictly prohibited. Women should wear long slacks, dress shorts, golf skirts, or capris depending on the rules of particular golf clubs. In addition, as with men’s wear, jeans and casual shorts are not allowed.

Appropriate shoes

Primarily, the choice of the shoes does not just help with the adherence to golf course etiquette, but it can actually have an impact on your performance on the course. Specialized golf shoes are designed to support better traction on the course, helping you through long duration rounds of playing. You might find your club demanding shows with a soft spike of plastic or hardened rubber. Sandals, heels, or casual shoes are prohibited, though some clubs might allow sneakers as part of golf wear.

Etiquette for socks

There are no set rules on socks but an unspoken rule of matching the socks to the attire still remains very much a part of golfing culture. More importantly, with the material, you must always put your comfort first. Different kinds of fibers have been developed to help golfers keep their feet dry during long bouts on dew-drenched grass. Again, if wearing shorts, you might want to wear ankle length socks or match proper tube socks if you want to go down that route.

Etiquette for hats on Golf course

Again, there are no set rules for hats on the course. Often, players stick to standard baseball hats as a measure for sun protection on the course. You can also opt for straw hats, especially for golf courses in a more tropical region. However, gag hats, dressier fedora style hats, or cowboy hats might be considered inappropriate attire for golf course.

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