Checklist for Corporate Golf Days

If you’ve worked in a corporate company like I did, you would sure be aware of all the client appeasement programs they do. I remember that in the company I worked for in Calgary, we organized a lot of corporate golf playing events to appease clients and increase interaction with them. It is seen as a good opportunity to host key clients and build a good reputation with them for future business purposes. I remember, they also gave bonuses to the employees most involved in organizing the event and later managing communication with the clients. It was a fun day with more business than we did on a normal day.

Though the event is organized with best intentions of the client kept in mind by the company, these events require a great deal of management or else all the efforts might be washed away and you’ll pull your hair out, quite literally. Who likes their efforts going terribly astray?

While most events end up being highly appreciated by clients and employees alike, there still happen to be a few such events that just don’t work out and I am sure you do not want yours to be one of those.

Now if your company lacks people who are good with event management, it is highly recommended that you hire professional event management companies to manage events for you. That will ensure that all your clients return home impressed with the event. A corporate event not managed well leaves the client with adverse image and opinion for your company.

The following is a checklist that might help your organize the golf event better


Initial Planning

The initial planning is also deciding the basics of the event.

-Hire your event manager (there is no better time for doing it than now)

– Decide onto the venue- so that you can carry out the arrangements

-Food and drink arrangements- You do not want your guests to return starving

-Prizes- what else will be the motivation factor to participate?

-Personalizing-The golf accessories should preferably be watermarked with the companies logo

-Hiring the photographer- to help promote your company as client friendly

-Choosing a guest speaker- a good speaker will take your event to a new level

– choosing templates for invitations and thank you cards.

Date and time

–          Try to avoid holidays where the clients will rather spend time with family (Read: School holidays)

–          Make sure you check the weather prediction and decide on a day which is neither too sunny nor too chilly nor too rainy. In short the perfect day and time

Phone Calls

I know I’ve counted these in but deciding on the person and making the phone call is different. Do it now

-Event Management Company or individual

-Photography services

– Golf Professional (to assist you and the clients)

-Guest Speaker (You can’t take the risk of the speaker not knowing that he/she is the guest speaker)

-Clients (To invite- invitation cards do the trick too, but phone calls can be an additional)

-Your suppliers/ manufacturers

– Key staff ( to organize as well as enjoy)


-Since the event is a golf event go for logoed balls or golf packs

-Also consider prizes suiting the sensibilities of clients and the company in case the event would be competitive

Invitation card

besides the template make sure you give details of date, time, venue and RSVP

– phone numbers in case special provisions are required for specially abled guests

Golf Course Requirements

-Golf carts and Golf trolleys

-Hiring adequate golf equipment

-Guides that help through the golf course

-Refreshments and other basic facilities

– Scoreboards (how else would people know?)

-Photography and videography services

Details for the guests

Make sure you contact your guests at least one week prior to the event and no more than 10 days prior or it might slip from their mind. Inform:

-Full itinerary- with timings

-Give Satellite Navigation Directions (You do not want them to spend the day driving)

– Necessary venue information

What needs to be done:

One week prior:

-Confirm with the golf professional and guest speaker in case of change of plans

-Let the Golf course/club staff know of any help you might require from their end

-Confirm the number of guests you are accepting to the caterer as well as the club in order to make necessary arrangements

V-day Golf Promotion

One Day Prior

-Prepare a sheet with important contact numbers of the organizing team and the company staff and circulate it to everyone responsible for the event

On the day of the event

-Reach the venue well in time; you should always be there before the first arrivals.

– Check if all the arrangements are done to satisfaction

After the event

-Once the event is done, thank your clients with a letter and their photographs

– Hold a meeting to acknowledge the efforts of the staff

Guests might not say it in your face, but if your event is not up to their satisfaction, there is a good chance that your company will lose out on important clients. So make sure you do not leave any stone unturned to make the event the best possible with the time and budget constraints you might have. No guest can ever forget a day well spent, so send them home with pleasant memories.

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