Change Your Approach and Change Your Golf Game

What is the average golf score for 18 holes? Think hard? Please don’t, for over the last 50 years, the average golf score remains at 100. That’s right. The average score for 18 holes remains at 100! Many regulars on the golf course of Calgary will tell you that they and their buddies (golf buddies) mostly focus on breaking that 100 mark. Using as many as paraphernalia like the use of  high-tech clubs, larger golf heads, better golf balls, high-tech tees, and more access to training, the average golfer still has had no luck in improving their scores. The reasons stated for this condition is that the courses have become harder and longer (change of pace), the age of many golfers has increased (baby boomers), golfers play fewer rounds (time crunch), or just a lack of a good mental approach to the game (focused mind). All this can be taken as valid reason for the low game, but one reason surpasses all the above. The one factor that can and will change the difficulty to get the 100 mark into easement. Read ahead to know how your game can sufficiently become your game.

Directions for Practice and Organization of a Consistent Training Program.

Consistency and practice is not just meant for student golfer. It has a more general approach for the golf instructor as well. Having consistent interaction with the player and getting into the way they think and operate is a sure shot way to success. Read ahead.

Is the old way not sufficient today?

Each golf season, you and other players have the same hopes as an average student does at the start of the school year. A hope to surpass the last best mark. You take lessons, watch videos, attend seminars and online classes, and read countless books. You practice hour after hour; play round after round, only to hammer on the point that:

“In 1964, the average golf score for 18 holes was around 100. In 2014, the average golf score for 18 holes was around 100.”

It’s not the case when in 50 years you are still using the old apparatus. The advanced technology now allows you to have

  • Better club shafts
  • Larger club heads
  • Better putters
  • Better grips
  • Better balls
  • Better maintained courses
  • More access to training

You are way ahead in the scenario of the game, technology wise.

Logically, with the advanced tools, one must have seen a magnificent increase in the average score. This is nowhere to be seen. On the contrary, we are stuck! Why is that?  Let’s take a look at the training sessions, which may throw some light on the issue.


The way any training session is setup goes like this. The student contacts the instructor. The instructor gives him a timeline, a 30/60 minute session that will refine their moves. The student receives the instruction for 30/60 minutes, gets some drills, and leaves the lesson ready to go to the range and practice what they just learned. Once at the range, many students do well during their practice session, able to perform the drills or techniques given to them by their teaching professional. It may happen that few students can’t seem to break their old habit or grasp the new one so easily. They revert to their mistaken stances soon and fall back into the rut.

So the question here is that, even after all the right training, the student has a gap of weeks or months before they meet the instructor again. They have no consistent contact that could guide them through the mistakes. They enthusiastically pick up a new stance or the skills they need. They do well during the drill but on the course they lapse into their old moves and somehow forget the real lesson. It is known that the instructions and lessons are well planned and well presented to the students. They find it useful initially when it’s fresh and ripe in their memory. As the time passes the lessons slip away and they fall back to old habits.

Even the well planned lessons fail here for the lack of consistency. This is the reason for the stagnant average score in half century. The mediums of teaching and getting the things across to the student has failed miserably and that is the key area to focus. The enthusiasts are eager to learn. If only the frequency could be improved.

Consistency n the part of the instructors will help the students be more vigilant. They will get proper instructions and in case they slip, they will be notified of their errors. Consistency has long since been seen as a string trait of winners and the reason coudnt be more obvious. One can’t hope to improve with advanced tools alone; they need proper and consistent training.


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