Benefits of Playing Golf as Recreation and Sports

Recreation and sports are an absolute must in your life. Not just for staying fit, yes- that too, but not just for it but also having a good time de-stressing yourself in those lazy times when your free mind runs into every mischief ever. Have not you ever wondered that why is it that every famous personality in a film plays golf but why don’t you in real life. Well, actually why don’t you play golf? Isn’t that for you to answer? You should know better for yourself.

You either play basketball, tennis, volleyball and golf OR you don’t. Actually, you either play golf or you don’t and if you don’t you should start soon. Golf has many benefits little known of. Alongside the sight of pretty golf carts tagging along with expensive Golf accessories in the green landscapes. Well if you don’t play golf, you sure would once you know of benefits

What really are those benefits? Start counting

Golf is an excellent exercise. You can burn loads and loads of calories without even realizing you did as it won’t really make you do high intensity workouts. While walking through the golf course from hole to hole gives you adequate amount of cardio workout required, swinging the club to hit, positioning your body in a perfect position to take the strike offers you a moderate amount of stretch and muscle exercises too. And guess what? All this while you are not really trying to burn calories.  It is one such form of exercise that you won’t realize you did. Pure recreation- as you might call it.


You might be doing a lot for your social circle if you are playing golf. Alright, you might want to give up on the dreams of walking into a multi-billionaire industrialist, impressing him with your strike and getting that dream job with a six figure salary but you will sure make a lot of friend at this sport. Golf happens to be one sport where players are more friendly than competitive because most play it for recreation and leisure rather than excellence. I am not undermining the calibre of the sport by saying this but it’s just one of the benefits that you might just gain certain friends for life. And if someone asks how you met, you’ll say we walked together along golf courses. Quite literally so.

Believe you me, there is not another sport besides diving and paragliding that gives you access to such therapeutic landscapes. Actually, there is absolutely no sport if you seek to remain on the safer side and are not the adventurous kinds. The greenery and fresh oxygen you gain access to with playing golf is an added bonus that should motivate you to play the game. It is believed that the colour green plays a major role in relaxing the mind and freeing it of tensions and negative thoughts. Know why those producers thought showing those aristocratic men playing golf was a good idea? It is plainly to let go of the worries and unite with their spiritual self for once. Greenery attracts good vibes. Most golf courses today also have a pond which is aesthetically built in all senses. How does that matter? Well the setting is as therapeutic as in can be. You spend a fortune for an artificially made setting like this in nature spa services. The setting of a golf course is almost like a place where you meditate without the intention of doing so. Is not this reason enough?

Golf is often a good way of recreation and bonding with family? How is that you ask? Well, most golf courses today offer great deals if you start playing with family. You get quality time to spend with family or significant others and get to avail discounts too. Moreover most credit card companies these days privilege their members with free memberships of certain golf courses. Even international golf courses are provided access to at no cost or a very nominal maintenance charge so that you do not sit back while travelling. Maybe you can motivate the kids to come along fir the ride on the golf cart and if they start early, your kids might be the next Tiger Wolf. Well, got scared of that? Me too. But then they might be a golf player in the making.

You might still view Golf as a past time and a non-significant sport but that is a personal choice. I’d advise to let yourself give it a try at least once-if not for the sport then maybe for the lush green surroundings to calm your mind and to get a fresh supply of oxygen. You might gain a lot of friends too, and who knows that dream job dream actually comes true? So give in to the temptation of playing golf at least once in your lifetime so that you do not remain refrained from the benefits it has to offer.

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