6 Essential Tips to Help Prevent Golfing Injuries

If you were compiling a list of dangerous sports, it is very unlikely that golf would be at the top. However, many golfers suffer many injuries and they are usually related to strains brought about because of incorrect posture or repetitive actions, and these are things we can do something about Here are a few tips on how to prevent golfing injuries while playing a round on your favorite golf course.



A good golfer has a good golf swing, and he will almost certainly have great posture when completing his swing. The rotation that is necessary in a golf swing causes twists to the body that are not natural, and stress can be placed in the wrong places far too easily. Distribute your weight in your stance, and distribute your power through your body. Relying too much on one part will almost certainly lead to injury in that part.

Slow Your Swing

Another thing you can do to reduce the stress of the swing is to slow it down. A fast swing will overextend your muscles and joints and this could lead to muscle pulls and joint strains that could be very serious. A good swing is a smooth swing, not necessarily a fast one.

Strengthen your body

Like all sports, golf puts your body through exertion it does not usually suffer, and your elbows and lower back will be taking a lot of the punishment. These are areas you should try and strengthen so that you are ready to play your round. Squeezing a tennis ball or doing wrist curls will strengthen your forearms and take a lot of the strain from the elbow. To strengthen your back you could try using a rowing machine; this is a fantastic way to build up your back muscles, and is a great all round work out too.

Increase Flexibility

If your body is flexible it will be able to handle the twists and turns under pressure much easier, and increasing flexibility is vital to avoid injury. Yoga and Pilates are great ways to increase flexibility, and you can easily find a club to join until you know what to do. Yoga is also a great way to calm the body and being relaxed is another way to avoid injury to tense muscles.


It should go without saying that you should be stretching your body before playing your round, but stretching cold muscles can in itself be dangerous, so warm up a little with a brisk walk or 15 minutes on an exercise bike first.

Sun Lotion

No, this is not a typo; it is a definite requirement for your health. A few hours in the blistering sun could lead to skin damage and even cancer; so make sure you use sun lotion or, sun block to keep your skin protected.

Golf is a fantastic sport, and one that millions of people enjoy. If you follow these simple tips, you can avoid suffering most golf injuries and enjoy the game to the full.

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