5 Fun Facts About Golf That Will Make You Want To Pick Up The Club and Swing It


Unlike other sports, golf is often seen as boring and dull. This is mainly because many of us do not understand the game and feel that it lacks the high adrenaline most sports deliver. However, watching golf also has its own kicks and will leave you on the edge of your seat. Some people also find playing golf therapeutic. Moreover, it teaches patience, promotes respect, and integrity in individuals. Here are a few interesting and fun facts about golf that you probably didn’t know. Perhaps, they might even make you want to try out the sport too!

The Only Two Sports Played On the Moon

Believe it, golf is one of the only sports that has ever been played on the moon. When Apollo 14 went to the moon in 1971, one of the astronauts, Alan Shepard, sneaked in a golf club and a ball in his suit. He apparently played 2 shots and it travelled a few hundred yards. Although it wasn’t a match per se, it left a mark in the history of mankind. You see, playing golf is definitely out of this world!

Dimples on Golf Balls

When someone thinks of dimples, we usually imagine the ones on people’s faces. Believe it or not, the small indentations on golf balls are actually called dimples. Initially, when people started playing golf, the balls used to be smooth. Eventually, they discovered that old beat-up balls with nicks and bumps flew much further. Therefore, golf balls were designed with small indentations, which scientifically explained acts as a tabulator. A regular golf ball has about 336 dimples.

Samuel L Jackson Loves Golf

Apparently, Samuel L Jackson makes it a definitive point to include playing golf twice per week whenever he signs a contract for movies, no matter where the shooting is located. The famous actor is known for his acting in hit movies like “Pulp Fiction” and “Django Unchained”. Talk about being an avid golfer!

For The Power of Love!

They say when you want something, you have to own it. Celine Dion, one of the famous singers of all time, took the cue literally and bought a golf course. The singer is such a golf fanatic that she owns Le Mirage Golf Club, a golf club in Terrebonne, Canada. Celine, along with her husband, apparently invested $15 million. Apart from her, there are many other celebrities who own their own golf club, including Donald Trump, Justin Timberlake, and Clint Eastwood.

Burn Those Calories!

Golf, like every other sport, will help you lose weight as well. However, one needs to carry their own clubs during the game. For example, a person can burn around 460 calories if he carries his club during an hour’s play. Thankfully, there will be enough stops on the way to help you rejuvenate and concentrate on your game.

With summer already here, it will also be a good reason to perhaps pick up golf and enjoy the weather outside. And who knows, it might just impress your boss as well!

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