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4 Activities that Can Help You Unwind From Work

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Like everyone else on Earth I hate my job, there I said it. The only people who like their job are those who act in movies and those who work for NASA. Writing articles for a living may sound cool, but trust me, it gets boring after a while. The blank page just stares back at you while the clock ticks away. Finally, you just end up writing what comes to your mind. If you’re stuck in a dead-end job that’s sucking the life out of you, then you’ll find this interesting. Here are 4 activities that can help you unwind from work.



Even though I don’t read much anymore I always find books comforting. And by that I don’t mean self-help books. I’m desperate, but not that desperate. Reading a fiction novel instantly makes me forget about my worries. I get to live vicariously through the words of the author. You could be a secret agent fighting global terrorism or a knight slaying a dragon, without leaving the sanctity of your home. If you think your life lacks adventure, then there are great many adventures to be found in books. The best thing about reading books is that you’re forced to use your imagination.

Learning Poetry

This is something I learnt from Sir Anthony Hopkins. He didn’t teach it to me personally, but I picked it up from one of his interviews. He learns one poem a week as part of his mental exercise. He’s seventy six now. Imagine how many poems he knows. Learning poetry can be quite rewarding. I tried to compose a poem once and I’m proud to say that I was able to write eight sentences that actually rhymed. I didn’t think I had it in me, but apparently I do. You should give it a shot too you know.

Playing Golf

Mark Twain once said, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” However, that’s the beauty of it. Unlike other sports you don’t really need to exert yourself in golf. You can have a leisurely walk or ride one of those tiny golf carts in between your game. Even your golf clubs are carried by someone else. And unlike other sports, golf is played in a vast green pasture. No wonder men like to avoid household chores to go spend some time at the golf course. It’s the perfect pass time.


Cooking can be relaxing too you know. Dr. Hannibal Lecter does it all the time. I just realized something. I mentioned Anthony Hopkins and Hannibal Lecter in the same article. I’m a genius. If you get home from work and order a pizza for dinner, then how do you expect your life to get better? Put some effort into preparing a nice meal and then enjoy eating it with a glass of wine. That’s what dinner should be like. Who knows, your amateur cooking may land you on the next season of Master Chef.

Work will always find its way into your life, but you don’t need to be dominated by it. The activities mentioned here can help you unwind from your work.

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